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Carewatch GO© EVV Mobile App

With Carewatch home health mobile application employees out in the field will be able to:

EVV Location Tracking

With GPS technology rest assure knowing that your employees are where the are supposed to be. Whther start,during, or end of th eplan of care.

Employee Tracking

Whether used as a main or secondary setup our robust IVR telphone system can provide most services the mobile application has.

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Carewatch Web Portal

With the Carewatch Portal cloud solution have all your agency data from the click of your browser. The Administrative application of Carewatch Portal is a web-based application. It provides you the tools to add/modify employees, patients and care plans. The Power Grid ™controls data and allows you to search, sort, organize, select, report, and work with the data as you need If needed, you can now report back to the State about all of your EVV visits collected by Carewatch Portal!

EVV OTP Device

Each patient/client without a home phone is provided the token device. This device is attached to the patient’s bed or other non-removable fixture at the patient’s location. The caregiver must enter the random six (6) digits from the token display on their arrival and departure call to CareWatch. This is a One Time Password (OTP). This number is matched to the patient’s record, thereby verifying that the caregiver is indeed at the patient’s location.